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Opened in January of 2012, the Health Professions Simulations Lab services the health professions division of McLennan Community College. It features two 20-bed units with high-tech computerized mannequins that replicate real experiences.

Built in 1975 as the "Health Careers" building, this structure underwent a major renovation in 1994, and again in 2009. It houses the Surgical Technology program and labooratory.. It also includes laboratories for the respiratory technology and…

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Originally built as the Health and Physical Education building in 1972, the Mathematics, Wellness, and Fitness building was designed by Bennett, Carnahan, Hearn & Thomas, architects. It houses the mathematics and physical education departments.

Built in 1968 by Bush and Witt architects, the Health Professions building was originally named the Science building, and was renovated in 2009 when the new Science building was constructed.

Originally called "Applied Sciences," this structure was built in 1968 by Bush and Witt architects as part of the college's original campus.

The Student Services Center is two separate buildings connected by a second-level bridge. The first one was built as part of the original 1968 campus, and the second one was added in 1975, although its construction was part of the original concept.

The Lecture Hall is a mid-sized auditorium space for large classes, built by Bush & Witt architects in 1968.

Classroom building of McLennan Community College, built in 1968 by Bush & Witt architects as part of the original campus.

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Built in 1968 by Bush & Witt architects, the Faculty Office building is one of the original campus structures.

Built as part of the original campus in 1968 by Bush & Witt architects, the Fine Arts building is distinguishable from other campus structures by its hexagonal shape.
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